Connemara Performance Ponies leaving for Sweden 22/5/13

Another load of high quality well trained Connemara Performance Ponies left for Sweden on Wednesday May 22nd. This is our second load in as many months making their way over to the Lindh family in Sweden.

The ponies arrived on Saturday 25th, all well and in good form after a long journey with 2 rest periods.

These ponies were professionally trained at Diamond’s Equine Centre by Lorraine Keith from Scotland who has a vast experience in breaking and training ponies. There were several others involved in the training process and getting these Connemara Performance Ponies ready for the next part of their career.

We are now currently working on another load of Connemara Performance Ponies with the aim to export by the end of June.

For any information on high quality Connemara Performance Ponies available for export you can contact Liam on email at; or on phone at +353 87 6414 596


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