Connemara Pony Stud

The Connemara Pony National Stud

Diamond’s Equine Renvyle t/a The Connemara Pony National Stud is listed as an approved semen collection and storage Centre for Intra-Community trade in semen of domestic animals of the equine species (Directive 92/65/EEC) with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine (DAFM) in Ireland.

We are very proud of how we have evolved in the Irish Breeding sector to be included as one of only 5 Approved Centres here in Ireland (as per DAFM list at 17/02/2022) a list that is updated and published annually on the website.


Our Team:

We have an all girl team here for the collection of stallions, processing semen and the artificial insemination of mares, as well as being an all girl team, were a Mom & Daughter Team!

Priscilla Diamond and Talitha Diamond are both qualified Artificial Insemination Technicians with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and DEFRA, who work alongside our Centre Veterinarians.


Stud Packages

We have packages to suit everyone, with an option to drive through or drop and collect your mare when ready.

Mares (and foals) can also be kept here at the Stud until scanned in foal for those traveling long distances.

Mares with foals at foot are also welcome.


Stud Enquiries:


Priscilla Diamond on 086  -3244077


Talitha Diamond on 083 – 854 4783

  • Full Livery available.
  • Daily Turnout.
  • Secure safe Yard with 24 Hour CCTV.
  • Card payment accepted.

Our Connemara Stallions for Breeding

Breeding Season 2024: Some Stallions have Limited availability, Advance Booking is essential

Our Connemara Pony Stud is home to our own four Connemara Proven Performance stallions.

Ice and Fire d’Albran,(Dexter Leam Pondi x Fort Doolin) Grey, 148cms  – Click for link to YouTube video –

Silver Shadow, (Cloonisle Cashel x Poetic Justice) Grey, 148cms  – Click for link to YouTube video –

Clifden Silver, (Coosheen Thyme x Boden Park Finnard) Grey, 148+cms – Click for link to YouTube video –


Poetic Kelly, (Poetic Justice x Kimble)  Dark Dun (Chocolate Dun) 148cms. – Click for link to YouTube video –


All our Stallions are Class 1

All our stallions have been tested and confirmed Negative (N/N) for the Hoof Wall Separation Disease (HWSD).

All our Stallions are health screened and certified to be clean and free of disease/infection.

We operate exclusively by Artificial Insemination. (A.I.)

We can provide Fresh and Chilled Semen to your own Vet – Save you the journey.


NEW FOR 2023: “Mirahs Ganty Blaze” (Westside Mirah x Ganty Blazer) Bay, 148cms. – Click for link to YouTube video –

N/N for HWSD. Grade A International Showjumper. Proven Performance Pony.

From the Purple Bloodline, No Abbeyleix Owen and no Hazy Match in his breeding, making him an outcross for many of your mares.


ALSO we have available At Stud by kind arrangement – Schermeers Hof Arendsoog –

Dutch Sports Pony. Golden Palamino, 148cms.

– Click for link to YouTube video –




All our Stallions are by A.I.

A.I. has a very high success rate, it is safe, clean, no risk of disease and it is totally stress free for the mare, this is especially beneficial for mares that have foals at foot and or nervous mares, and mares that have had problems with being covered naturally previously.


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What do I need to do?  First and foremost you will need to scan your mare, this will give you the best insight into the cycle of your mare and when she needs to be covered. If you are getting semen sent out the mare must be scanned, and pin pointed to the day that she needs cover. It is important to make sure that she is at the optimum time for cover so you are not scrambling in 2 days time if the mare is still in heat or hasn’t ovulated. It is also important to make sure there is no fluid build-up or infection or other problem that would prevent the mare going in foal. Your reproduction Vet will be able to prepare your mare for cover.
  • Is the semen Fresh or Frozen? The Semen is Fresh, if the semen is being sent out for A.I. at your own Vet it is also Fresh but it will be chilled to keep it as fresh as possible.
  • How does the semen arrive if I am getting it sent to my Vet? It is Fresh and chilled and in a vial and in a chill box with cool packs ready for insemination by your own Vet.
  • When do I pay the Stud Fee? The Stud fee is due when you collect the mare from the yard or prior to semen being dispatched to your own vet.
  • If my mare doesn’t go in foal do I need to pay the Stud Fee again?  No – the Stud Fee is the initial payment. There is a Free Return included. (T&Cs)
  • Are the Stallions tested for HWSD? Yes – all our Connemara Stallions are tested and confirmed N/N for HWSD. Meaning they are tested Negative and also they are not Carriers for HWSD. It is not a problem if your mare is Not tested, if she is a Carrier of HWSD or if she is affected as all our Stallions are tested Negative so they will not (100%) produce an affected foal.

Should you have any queries on the breeding, need help selecting a Stallion for your mare or want to ask anything specific about any of the Stallions please feel free to call Priscilla on + 353 86 3244077 / 086 3244077.



Ice and Fire d’Albran
Clifden Silver Stallion


Silver Shadow Stallion


Poetic Kelly Stallion
Mirah’s Ganty Blaze Stallion


Schermeers Hof Arendsoog Dutch Sports Stallion


Stud Enquiries:

Priscilla Diamond on 086  -3244077


Talitha Diamond on 083 – 854 4783

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