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Breeding Season 2024


Our mission statement of our long established family run Stud Farm and A.I. Clinic here at The Connemara Pony National Stud is to provide the best.

Success breeds success.

We strive to provide you the Breeder with the best Stallions and an excellent service here at The Connemara Pony National Stud, the end product being that you reap the rewards of breeding and producing quality animals.

We offer friendly breeding advice; whether you’re starting out on your first breeding experience or a renowned Breeder; an excellent service and end product.

We are very proud to be home to the very best stallions.

We also have other stud services including the collection, freezing and storage of stallion semen at our E.U. Approved Semen collection and storage centre.

If you would like to make an appointment with our Stud Farm and AI Clinic to book in a mare for cover, or to order semen to be dispatched, you can call us or please fill in the form below and we will get in touch:

Diamond’s Equine Renvyle t/a The Connemara Pony National Stud is listed as an approved semen collection and storage Centre for Intra-Community trade in semen of domestic animals of the Equine Species (Directive 92/65/EEC) with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine (DAFM) in Ireland.

Stud Enquiries:

Priscilla Diamond on 086  -3244077



Our highly skilled and experienced Reproduction Stud Vet and Team of qualified A.I. Technicians and yard staff will ensure your mare receives the very best of care while at The Connemara Pony National Stud.

All Stallions resident at The Connemara Pony National Stud are available by Artificial Insemination (A.I.), in fresh and chilled semen.

All stallions are exclusively by A.I.

There is no natural covering here with any stallion.

A.I. has a very high success rate and any progeny out of our Stallions are by A.I.  It is also clean, stress free for mare/foal/breeder.

Fresh Chilled Semen can be dispatched by advance arrangement.

Please order semen by 6pm the evening before being required for delivery within Ireland.

We cannot guarantee delivery for orders after this time.

Orders of fresh semen cannot be cancelled once dispatched.

All Stud, Livery and Veterinary charges for visiting mares must be paid for in full prior to the mare departing The Connemara Pony National Stud.

Semen that is dispatched must be paid for prior to dispatch or upon collection here by customer.

All prices and terms and the availability of stallions are subject to change. The customer must confirm these prior to ordering and payment.

Additional services such as Farrier, Equine Dentist and Physio are also available on request and are extra.

The Connemara Pony National Stud accepts no liability whatsoever for loss, damage, sickness or injury to people, animals, transportation vehicles or otherwise.

The Connemara Pony National Stud accepts no liability whatsoever for delays in the transportation of germinal products, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the order is made in time to facilitate the timing of the oestrus cycle.

Mares and mares with accompanying foals are inseminated entirely at the cost and risk of the owner.

Mares should be scanned prior to arrival here.

You must scan your mare Post-Insemination, ideally 14-16 days post Insemination. If the mare is scanned not in foal after Cover, we offer a Free Return – either by a dispatch or for 2 Days here for visiting mares. (see notes below re Vet Cert Confirmation)

You must scan your mare post cover in the Breeding Season that the mare is covered, i.e. if covered in 2024 they must be scanned in 2024.

No Foal Free Return (NFFR) The Free return is for 2 nights. Additional nights will be subject to livery.

Unfortunately we cannot offer a Live Foal Guarantee, after the mare is scanned in foal and/or with a heartbeat, we consider the mare “In Foal”. We can however in the unfortunate event of a non-live foal offer a repeat cover the following season at a largely discounted rate.

It is the responsibility of the Breeder to ensure the mare has been scanned again with a heartbeat, this should be done before the 1st of October in the current Breeding Season.

If the mare is scanned not in foal a Vet Cert must be provided by your Veterinary surgeon before the 1st of October in the Breeding Season of Cover. (Now 2024) and sent to us via WhatsApp or email, we need an official and signed veterinarian certificate stating that the mare is not in foal with the mare details and date of scanning. This ensures you can have a return in the following season.

If the Vet Cert is not received, it is assumed that the mare is in foal.

If the Vet Cert is not received by the 1st of October in the Breeding Season of cover, it is in breach of our Terms and we cannot guarantee a return service the following season.

Please bring your passport and mare details with you for record completion when bringing a mare here to Stud.

For semen being sent out the Mare’s details must be sent via WhatsApp or email prior to or on dispatch. (Name/UELN No, Microchip number, Breeding)

If the mare details are not supplied in due time, in the event of a non pregnancy, we cannot offer a Free Return.

Stud Covers are not transferable to another person.

Stud Covers may by agreement be transferred to another mare in your ownership if a Vet Cert is supplied to confirm the name, UELN and microchip and that the mare has been scanned Not in Foal prior to 01st of October of the Breeding Season she has been covered in. There will be a charge for switching mares to cover the costs of collection, processing, shipping and/or if here for the A.I. process and livery.


Personal Data will be held securely on file, this includes name and address and contact details.

Photographs or recorded images may be taken which could be included in the promotion of The Connemara Pony National Stud.

All terms and conditions and prices for Stud are available in the Stud office.


Please feel free to call Priscilla on 086-3244077 to have a non-obligatory friendly chat on your breeding requirements.