Ice and Fire d’Albran (1996-2024)

Ice and Fire d’Albran (1996-2024)


It is with profound sadness, devastation and an utterly broken heart that we announce the passing of our beloved

“Ice and Fire d’Albran” in his 28th year, Sunday 3rd March 2024.


Ice or Icey as he was affectionately known came to us in January 2016 directly from his Breeder Emmanuelle deMonleon in France.
It took more than a little persuasion from Dad at the time to convince her to part with the recently retired stallion towards the end of 2015, he was as fresh as any 4 year old and Emmanuelle had just bought him back for a 2nd time after he had finished competing, but she knew he was coming to a home filled with love and that he would be beyond cared for until the end of his days, she wouldn’t have let him go otherwise.
All who ever met Ice can tell you that he had the sweetest temperament and especially for a Stallion; he was the kindest and most affectionate pony, he loved kisses on the nose and hugs, he loved rubbing his head against someone and liked to put his head underneath one’s arm looking for some well deserved scratches, he loved having his long forelock hang down over his eyes and any attempt to push it back after grooming would be met with a playful head shake to put it back down over his eyes again.
Ice was the reason we went the AI route here, as we couldn’t risk our beautiful boy getting injured with a kick at Stud, so both myself and Talitha did our AI technician training in order that we would be able to carry out AI here at home with him successfully.
And did he teach us? yes he did, we couldn’t have had a better teacher, he was the most placid, well behaved mannerly gent, one could bring him out to the phantom and collect by themselves, he was that well trained and mannerly.
He would wait patiently until we would say ready and then he would wait patiently again when finished to be returned to his stable.
Anyone who met Ice always noted and commented on his kind and mannerly temperament and this was a trait he stamped every one of his progeny with to no end.
All the residents of Tully village would see him trek daily to his paddock where he enjoyed his grass and a run around while keeping a look out at the world going by.
Many people didn’t even realise he was a stallion, he was that quiet and friendly and greeted anyone who stopped by to say hello to him. He would come running to the gate when it was time to come in, greeting anyone cheerfully who met him.
When he would be coming back in again after his day out, he would walk all nice and chilled and then exactly at the same place just as he would come to the corner before the yard he would dance a little on his tiptoes and whinny to his friends that he was on the way back.
Yet a child could lead him to and fro as ye will have seen in videos posted, his manners were impeccable.
He had the most amusing way of rolling about, he would lie down and roll and then sit up on his bum without getting up completely and then roll over the other way, it was very clever.
And he was such a clever pony.
He always rolled too after his bed was fixed, it was like an appreciation of making his bed.
He could also make his own bed, you could leave the bag of shavings in his stable and he would spread it out completely himself. Or many the wheelbarrow with shavings left unattended for a minute would be turned sideways and the bed made by him over the years.
Ice was born on May 3rd 1996, in France at the D’Albran Stud with Emmanuelle and Jehan deMonleon.
His mother Underline of Laps was a French Reserve Champion as a young filly and she was out of Westside Little Madam and by Fort Doolin who was Clifden Supreme winner in 1981 and thereafter exported to France.
Ice’s sire was Dexter Leam Pondi who only passed away last year, a French Supreme Champion, having competed in 6 European Championships.
His ancestral line coming from Leam just outside of Oughterard, Leam Finnegan – Leam Bobby Finn, all the way back to Carna Bobby x Finola of Leam.
Ice had a fantastic career himself, a Grade A Showjumper having competed at the top for 10 plus years in many international Grand Prix at 1.30-1.35m under Danish, Swedish and Norwegian riders. He was Pre selected for the European Championships team and won an individual Silver Medal at the Nordic Championship among his many accomplishments. He loved to jump.
And he could tuck those knees up under his chin and would jump over the moon if asked.
Ice had Endurance, Stamina, Charisma, superb confirmation, a fantastic jumping ability and a temperament with looks to match, he was powerful and athletic, an absolute gentleman in the stable, this stallion melted many hearts, and many the Breeder that came to the yard unsure of which stallion to choose and were quickly smitten with our lovely Ice.
He was educated with impeccable manners. He loved to play “chase” or catch/tag, something Emmanuelle’s husband Jehan taught him as a youngster, you could tag him and then run around the arena or paddock and he would playfully run after you, jumping about playfully, he loved to do this, anyone that’s seen the movie “Spirit – Stallion of the Cimarron” will relate to the stallion playfully jumping about with the boy and the connection they had.
This reminds me of Ice.
He had the most beautiful and distinctive whinny, every morning I came into the yard I called him, be it at 4am or 9am or at any other time, he would pop his head out over his door to say “hello I’m here”, even if I was on the phone, as many will know, I always called to him and he always looked out to say hello.
I will miss this beautiful boy immensely and it will be with a heavy heart I go into the yard without him there.
Although we’re absolutely broken hearted, we look forward to seeing all the eagerly awaited new arrivals from Ice this year, and though he’s gone from his stable he will forever live on in his progeny.
Please continue to send us pictures and updates as they arrive.
His progeny being most sought after and regularly topping the Sales, they will continue his line and his legacy.
A massive thank you to Emmanuelle, Ice’s Breeder, and her family, Jehan, Sixtine and Isaure for breeding this fabulous boy and given us the opportunity to have him here as part of our lives. I know she was so proud of him and this was evident when she came over from France and led him at the RDS Connemara Stallion parade in Dublin bringing with her the bit and bridle and lead she had for him as a young stallion.
Some might think ah they’re just a pony, but no he was not just a pony, he was so special, one of a kind, in a lifetime, and part of our world here, he even knew when one was having a hard day and he was able to make it better, and he always did, he was forever in good spirits.
A heart horse.
Anyone whose lives have been touched by any kind of an animal knows of this connection, they’re not just a pony/horse/animal.
This connection runs deep in the heart and pumps in the blood.
A massive thank you to Vet Philip McManus who took exceptional care of him in his last days, no hour was too early or late, he came at the drop of a hat for him, and indeed all the Vets through the years who cared for and dealt with him, though he was never sick a day in his time here.
I take comfort in knowing that he didn’t suffer and for this we’re forever thankful.
Ice will be forever missed, forever remembered, by us the Diamond family, the DeMonleon family, our yard family, and so so many of you, who thought so highly of him, we were so blessed to have this beautiful boy as part of our lives and will forever hold him in our hearts.
A special Thank you to each and every Breeder who chose Ice for breeding throughout the years, travelling from every corner, whose support and dedication will be forever appreciated.
The producers who sought out his progeny and produced them onwards, flying the flag for him all over the world.
The riders throughout the years who excelled with him and made him the performance stallion that he was, bringing him to the top.
Please feel free to post a picture of your Ice progeny over on our Facebook page in his memory, and give a special kiss on their soft noses in his honour and memory.

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Ice will be remembered as one of the greatest ever Connemara Performance Stallions, bred in France, competed across Europe and then returned to the land of his ancestors here in Ireland.

Run free my beautiful “Ice and Fire d’Albran” over the Rainbow Bridge, and rest easy, Icey, we love you to the moon and back.